Episode 260: Madelyn Moon answers your deepest questions regarding hooking up and remain a sovereign woman who is fiercely devoted to her spiritual practice. How open should you be with your significant other? How do you engage in just a physical relationship safely when you’re in a healing space? How do you stay true to your spiritual growth while being open to love? Madelyn also opens up about where she is currently in her personal life and how she navigates polarity and sexual friction.

Show notes:

  • The Embodied Archetype: Giving a Voice to the Hidden Shadow Workshop with Jamie Wollrab more info HERE
  • Why embodying new characters/roles/actors, helps us to heal old wounds. 
  • Where Madelyn is at in her personal life with sovereign relationships. 
  • Her sacred and structured dating app cleanse.
  • Her craving for a divine masculine figure in her life.
  • The truthful lovebomb that Madelyn’s friend gave her that provided insight into her love life. 
  • Madelyn addresses: How open should you be with your significant other?
  • An example of how to talk to your significant other when you’re feeling vulnerable.
  • A good question to ask yourself: “How open are you with you?”
  • How to keep polarity and sexual friction alive.
  • Madelyn addresses: How do I engage in just physical relationship safely when I’m in a healing space?
  • A relationship can’t just be physical. There are going to be emotions and it’s important to make that okay.
  • “Get really clear on what you are a yes to and what you are a no to.
  • Every time you are being sexually intimate and penetrated by another person, their consciousness is penetrating you.
  • What man is in so much integrity that he gets the honor to lead you? Does his integrity inspire and scare you?
  • Your healing process is always completely is 100% about your ability to love.
  • Madelyn addresses: How do I stay true to my spiritual growth while being open to love?
  • Love is the deepest spiritual practice.

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