Episode 137: Heather Waxman is an Amazon best-selling author of BODYpeace, spiritual life coach, meditation guide, and singer-songwriter. She a beloved mentor to women all over the world and runs her budding online empire over at heatherwaxman.com.

Heather suffered from eating disorders, body image dysmorphia, and over-exercising for a decade before she found meditation and spiritual practice which, in less than three years, led her to find true BODYpeace. It wasn’t until she committed to the inner work and uncovered the emotional weight holding her back that she was able to release her addictions and create a life and a body that she loved inside and out.

Her super power is helping people unpack and transform their emotional + behavioral patterns through spiritual practice, music, and the written word. It is her heartfelt belief that when we can clean up our thoughts and clean up our energy bodies of these subconscious memories and patterns, we can live truly radiant and peaceful lives.

Show notes:

  • Be part of the Confidence Revival retreat at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and BECOME “that girl” who radiates confidence everywhere she goes!
  • Listen to our first podcast episode together a couple of years ago where we talked about Discovering BODYpeace And Being True To You
  • Heather shares about how her world fell apart four years ago
  • When something came over her, she came to Jesus and just sobbed and prayed
  • How she stumbled upon the book, A Course in Miracles and how she practiced its principles
  • She closely followed Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson and Wayne Dyer
  • How she sought the depth of her spirituality
  • How taking a break gets you going and more inspired
  • Why every woman should align with her rhythm
  • How to take a leave of absence for the soul while physically continuing to work
  • Why you need to overcome the fear of not working
  • How to get out of codependency in a relationship
  • “The woman holds the caliber in the relationship”
  • How to share concerns without nagging and being “that woman”
  • How connecting with nature helps us to connect with our cycles
  • Why each relationship has its own entity and how to contribute to it without being too controlling
  • Powerfully live your one life! Get the free course HERE

Connect with Heather:

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