Episode 101: Ginger Kern is a transformational coach, TEDx speaker, a Fulbright alumna and the Curator of Global Shapers’ Boulder Hub. After working in Europe for over three years and traveling to 25 countries around the world by the age of 25, Ginger wanted to bring the ‘traveler’s mindset’ back to the United States. She saw that only 38% of Americans have their passport, she has since founded travelersmindset.com along with a non-profit called The Passport Project to change that stat.

Through her transformative coaching and keynote speeches across the U.S., Ginger’s work creates adventurous people who are confident and powerful on the road and in their everyday lives.

Show notes:

  • What inspired Ginger to take her first trip abroad when she was 14 years old to Germany and Italy
  • How to deal with frustrating situations abroad when you have language barriers
  • The first time Ginger traveled completely alone (to Amsterdam!)
  • How to trust your gut and set boundaries in situations that could be compromising
  • The importance of knowing what’s socially acceptable in different countries
  • The time Ginger was followed at 3 AM in London and how she handled it
  • The other time Ginger was taken down an alley in Bangkok by a cab driver, not sure of the situation she was entering (and what she did about it)
  • How every country has their own beauty standards
  • Why traveling has helped Ginger to love her own body even more
  • LegalNomads.com >> a great food/travel blog
  • How to be in a romantic relationship and feed your desire to travel at the same time (separate or together)
  • Must-read book: The Anatomy of Peace

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