Episode 203: Do you have a blog you’ve been waiting to launch? Have a podcast you’ve been wanting to put into action? Have an Instagram account you’ve been thinking about starting?

Maybe it’s not something you want to create, but rather a risk you want to take. Is there a person you’ve been waiting to show interest in? Is there a city you’ve been dreaming of living in? A house you’ve been wanting to buy?

Too often, I hop on a 1:1 coaching call and ask my client, “What are you wanting to create? What are you wanting to see happen in your life?” and receive a crystal clear picture of their vision but yet no action steps have been taken.

“I’m waiting until I fully know who my target market is.”

“I’m waiting until my photographer’s calendar frees up so I can get some professional headshots.”

“I’ll start once I have ten blog posts ready to go up.”

“I haven’t found the time yet.”

These sneaky little tasks are sometimes valid, but more often than not, they are merely tactics we use to stay stuck, small and in our personal bubble of perfectionism. In today’s podcast I’m going to be deep diving into 5 reasons why you should get started with that idea asap.

Show notes:

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  • Thank you to everyone who sent in comments about the recent podcast episode I released called Unpacking Sexual Shame. If you are wanting more insight into this topic, email me and let me know how I can best support you. A mini course? A FB community? Let me know.
  • Some insight into my recent trip to Israel and all of the beautiful experiences I had (and how I’m dealing with being home now)
  • Whatever business you are desiring to create WILL take time. There is no need to make your business idea perfect before launching it because no matter what, it will take organic growth for people to trust you and continue to return to your work. Trust is built over time.
  • Whatever you’re creating will evolve and change. Don’t try to make it perfect from the start.
  • Don’t try to make your business fit into a box because when you do that, you will also start to shove your life into a box.
  • The best way to create something is with baby steps. Getting started asap could simply mean getting started with one small thing today.
  • The Domino Effect– getting started with that thing you keep thinking about will give you the courage to get started with something else you’ve been thinking about (writing that book, asking out that guy, applying for that job, moving to that city).
  • Confidence isn’t a pre-requisite. It’s a side-effect.
  • Your fears are usually BS from your inner critic. Sometimes you have to do the dang thing to realize it.
  • Looking to take the next step with that idea? Contact me about coaching.

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