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Four 10-Minute Practices for Feminine Embodiment 

In Your Head Too Much To Be “In Your Body?”

I get it. There’s resistance. Fear. Shame. Frustration. Wondering if you look silly.

If you want to feel your way into your body rather than think your way into your body, I’ve got four practices for you that will only take 10 minutes or less to do! Enter your email to get started…

These Practices Will Teach you…

How to create a sacred practice out of ANYTHING you want to see shift in your life.

A practice specifically around feeling PLEASURE in your body in any given moment (yes, even when you’re upset!).

How to set a “container” for your practices in such a way that you to feel safe, “dropped in” and grounded.

How to LEAN into pleasure, ease and flow, rather than cling to the humdrum in life simply because it feels more “safe.”

How to open your heart PHYSICALLY so that you can open it emotionally.

A sacred practice for expressing repressed anger (and even rage) so your physical body is clear and open.

How to instantly shake off anxiety, panic, triggers and fear for a TOTAL-body reset.

BONUS GIFT: a list of my top 100 life-changing books.

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