Episode 224: In this podcast, Madelyn Moon dives into the realm of femininity to help you understand where you might be blocking the Feminine you already have access to. If you want to stop muting or numbing out your feels, you must begin to accept the emotions that are trying to move through your body. This means no more judgment or shaming yourself for feeling certain ways– it’s your emotion that is going to be the very thing to bring you back in touch with your Feminine!

Take a listen to this episode to find out the 8 habits you may be partaking in daily which are ultimately watering down your incredibly powerful connection to your creative, open, sensual, slow, vulnerable, powerful, nourishing, feminine self.

Let’s open up our hearts, shall we?

Show notes:

  • 1st habit: Body language
  • How we are in our body is how we are in our emotional state.
  • You can only open up as far as you open in your body.
  • Be aware of how you position your body. For example, do you cross your arms often?
  • Being in your body is being in the feminine.
  • A simple technique you can do with your body to tap into your feminine.
  • The power of opening yoga stretches: hip openers, half pigeon pose.
  • Hips hold our trauma; stretch them regularly.
  • 2nd habit: Physically and emotionally going outward when we really want to go inward.
  • Sun: outward; moon: inward.
  • Honor your desire to be alone.
  • FOMO isn’t really a thing. FOMO is a choice.
  • Sometimes we are just too vulnerable to be around other people. We need to feel our feelings and we need to feel them alone.
  • What is projection?
  • 3rd habit: Second-guessing yourself and back-pedaling on our lives.
  • The power of “fake it til you make it.”
  • 4th habit: Not honoring your yes and your no.
  • The more you shut down your ability to say yes and no, the less you’re going to know what a yes and a no is.
  • Must read book: Eating in the Light of the Moon by Anita Johnston
  • 5th habit: Rushing too quickly is a way we trample over our feminine.
  • We hold back our energy (emotion/expression) to blend in and because our judgment is too much to bear.
  • Jenna Cooper, The Bachelor HERE
  • 6th habit: Not mothering yourself; telling yourself to get over it.
  • We cannot nurture others if we cannot nurture ourselves.
  • 7th habit: Not making time for dance; not making time to get into your physical body.
  • My favorite dance ritual to get into my physical body.
  • 8th habit: Holding onto the story that you’re still one of the guys.
  • Choose to change your story and language. Change your language to: I love women. I support women. I am a woman.
  • We are all the same. Your beauty is my beauty.
  • Women are not inherently dramatic; we are energy.
  • Consistently send out an aura to the Universe that you are “one of the girls.”

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