Episode 215: Most of us have been raised to have everything under control and within our power. Get job…find the love of your life…have the perfect body…know who you are. When this is the case, what do you do when it feels like everything’s out of your immediate control?

When you have no plan at all and no sense of direction on where to go next, it can be an incredibly lonely and scary time. However, there is also a beautiful gift in the chaos. This episode is for those who are currently feeling “plan-less” and are at a standstill with what is next. I offer you my guidance, support and tips on how to navigate the uncertainty.

Show notes:

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  • The beautiful gift in not having a plan.
  • A few tools to stay grounded during periods of transition.
  • “While it might sound nice, you would literally go insane if everything always stayed the same.”
  • Our core needs for certainty and uncertainty.
  • “Let your desire be your north star.”
  • Why asking yourself this key question can shift things quickly.
  • Two things you can do to immediately feel better about your current lost state.
  • “Understanding and Cultivating Your Intuition” by Kendra Cunov
  • “Sometimes we label a situation as lost when it’s actually just a real refusal of our desire.”

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