Episode 146: What does it mean to actually feel the shit in life? How do you accept what’s currently happening, feel what you’re feeling, and still remain hopeful? How do you not run away or numb out when it’s so accessible?

I understand what it’s like to try to push past an emotion and hurry on up to the other side. I also know the severe consequences that will occur if you don’t take the time to process and feel the heaviness of the moment. The truth is, when you avoid feeling what needs to be felt, that emotion goes “downstairs” to lift weights. It gets bigger. Heavier. Stronger.

The alternative? To actually feel the emotion. The key here is feeling the emotion but not becoming it. There is a huge difference in being a human being who feels sadness versus being the sadness.

In this episode of Mind Body Musings, I’m going to teach you how to feel the shit in order to feel the shift.

Show notes:

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  • Why women tend to turn to deprivation as a coping mechanism more than other people
  • Women are nourishment in every form
  • Why we feel empowered when we hold back our ability to nourish other people and ourselves
  • How our masculine side toughens up whenever we feel uncomfortable
  • How being insecure with the opposite sex disconnects us with our sexuality
  • Why you need to soften up and learn not to judge yourself when you are feeling the shit
  • How my feminine side responded to a negative comment on the podcast episode I did with Mark Groves
  • Suffering is optional, pain is inevitable
  • Feel what you are going through but don’t become the emotion
  • Releasing judgment and shame
  • Move to a new place out of love and not out of fear
  • Doing things that’ll make you feel good again
  • Not being able to tell what you’re feeling is actually you feeling
  • Take radical responsibility for a new path you’re taking
  • Learn the 10 keys to getting through a life transition HERE

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