Episode 87: Dr. Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer and did her PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence. She now teaches her personal practice called, “Lunar Abundance”- how to cultivate inner peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle. You can find download a free lunar calendar at www.ezziespencer.com and follow Ezzie’s lunar updates in real time @lunarabundance on Instagram.

Show notes:

  • Get my new book Confession of a Fitness Model for free by signing up HERE
  • How Ezzie Spencer went from being a lawyer to the owner of her business, Lunar Abundance
  • The rhythms and patterns Ezzie discovered after journaling her emotions with the phases of the moon
  • How to treat the “yin” and “yang” phases of the lunar cycle
  • What to do when yang strikes in a yin phase
  • The first step you should take to start tracking the moon cycle
  • A bit of science behind why we are connected to the moon
  • Suffragette (I am going to be watching this pronto)

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