Episode 234: Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a Quitting Evangelist. She helps people to and through their quits through her book, Quitting by Design, and her podcast, Quit Happens, along with speaking and coaching. She is also a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, currently working at the Veterans Administration. In addition, she is an attorney and former adjunct law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

When not doctoring, lawyering, or preaching the gospel of strategic quitting, Lynn Marie can be found doing yoga, playing multiple musical instruments and dancing like everyone’s watching.

Show notes:

  • To become your best self, heal your trauma, have powerful conversations with other women, embrace who you are and be inspired for what’s next, learn more about Maddy’s Retreat Experiences HERE
  • Her incredible journey story of becoming a sports medicine doctor, a lawyer, spending $250k on education and hating it all.
  • How she strategically had the guts to quit things in order to carve out space for things that she enjoyed.
  • The money mindset she embodies to be okay with having $400k debt.
  • Why loans are a theme in her life and why she’s made peace with that.
  • Why our society glories permanence and hanging on to things that no longer serve us.
  • “We’re all quitters. We’ve all had many things that we’ve quit. Society is fine with it as long as it’s an upgrade. Don’t let society tell you what you should quit and what you should not.”
  • A lot of us are still asking our parents for advice. “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.”
  • “Parents are projecting or protecting, neither of which is your concern.”
  • Why she believes it’s better to inform your parents about what you’re doing, rather than consult with them.
  • Her solid advice on how to quit relationships with family members instead of trying to change them.
  • How to know if you’re going through the right quitting path
  • Why she quit Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) after practicing it for 7 years and why she knew it was the right decision.
  • “Most of the things you quit, you can still be at heart.”
  • “Quitters win all the time…if you aren’t quitting you aren’t evolving. You shouldn’t be proud of never quitting. Free yourself.”
  • Must-read book: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  • Make Quit Happen LIVE: A 2-Day Strategic Quitting Workshop HERE
  • Quitting by Design: A six-week course to help you through YOUR strategic quit! HERE

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