Episode 172:​ When you think of masculinity, what comes to mind? Really…think about it for a second. Whatever beliefs you hold around the masculine are going to come up in your goals, drive, ambitions and boundaries. If you think masculinity is rigidness and hardness, that’s exactly how you’re going to structure your life.

​If you think masculinity is brutish and rude, you’re most likely never going to learn how to be assertive and create boundaries when you need them.

I​t’s just as important to come home to your masculine as it is to come home to your feminine. What you may not understand clearly is that the masculine is not perfectionism. It’s not rigidity. It’s not obsessive.

​The pure form of the Masculine is presence, knowledge and strength. It’s the warrior. It’s the protector. In today’s podcast, we’re going to dive deep into this topic so you can clearly see where your masculine energy needs more attention so that you can become your own warrior.

Show notes:

  • The Divine Masculine embodies your inner protector, warrior, Self, goal-orientation, strength, decisiveness and action-taking.
    • It is the pushing out in life. It’s the sun and your ability to hold knowledge.
  • Many of us have the Masculine confused. We think the Masculine is our perfectionist side. It’s not: perfectionism is the deranged, fear-based version of the Masculine.
  • Many of us don’t know what it truly feels like to live with our Divine Masculine.
  • The masculine and feminine are meant to complement and support each other. it’s the yin and yang.
  • The Book of She
  • What people often confuse with the divine masculine:
    • Inner Patriarch
      • It’s fear-based, “If I don’t do all of these things, then I won’t be worthy/seen/loved/accepted”
      • The Inner Patriarch thinks feelings are weakness or emotions are “crazy” (obviously this stifles a lot of energy that needs to be felt)
      • Matthew Hussey video 
    • Inner Pusher
      • This energy shoves, drives and forces us to exert beyond our body’s instincts
      • It runs over any potential creative energy we could have
    • Inner Perfectionist
      • This one tells us we are never enough; body image, work ethic, school, family life
      • Sometimes we can’t even start something because we are so daunted by the process
  • The distinction between “Hard” vs. Strong
  • Examples of how you know your Divine Masculine is in shadow and examples of Him being in light
  • Forgiving your own father
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