Episode 256: Madelyn Moon discusses her fierce devotion to being on the highest path of divine love. She invites you to look at what you’re fiercely devoted to in your own life and if that commitment is serving you. This powerful devotion will stand true regardless of your life circumstances — if you’re single or married, or a world traveler or grounded homebody. There is a way to be consistently devoted to one big thing above all and Madelyn discusses how this commitment can be beautifully played out in your life. She also discusses how to release your personal devotion if it’s no longer serving your highest good.

Show notes:

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  • How Madelyn started her business years ago without having things perfectly figured out.
  • Her process for when inspiration hits.
  • Madelyn’s lack of fear with feeling like the coaching world is oversaturated.
  • “The parts of you that don’t feel perfect, are the parts that will bring people closer to you.”
  • Madelyn’s word of the year.
  • The light and the dark shadow of devotion over the generations.
  • “Can you hold the pose when your heart feels like closing?”
  • Madelyn’s encouragement to connect to what you’re deeply devoted to above all else. 
  • Madelyn’s fierce devotion to the highest path of divine love.
  • “When you’re so devoted to the divine and the deepest expression of love, you’re not going to settle, so you may date around.”
  • “Quitting is a form of devotion.”
  • Exploring how quitting can be a form of love.
  • “Sometimes exactly what you need is exactly what you have.”
  • How to release the shame of letting something go. 

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