Harmonize your feminine pleasure and masculine presence.

Boldy embrace emotions at their rawest and gooiest core.

Bring that creative project, idea or endeavor to fruition — and make financial abundance doing it.

Say yes to what only 1% of the population desires: deep emotional embodiment, heart-opening shadow work, re-sensitization, and devotion to love.

You were created to handle the trials that come with your calling.

Your soul chose your name, purpose, family and body before you were even born.

It knew what was coming and it said…game on.

My name is Madelyn and my quest is to teach humans how to integrate all sides of themselves: the dark and light, the feminine and masculine, the introvert and extrovert, and every other polarity that exists to create your specific flavor of human.

I do this through embodiment. If healing happened in the brain, we all would have thought our way into worthiness long ago. But it doesn’t: it happens in the nervous system and body.

If you crave more fluidity in your daily life, sensuality in your skin, ease when you feel triggered, passion in your romance, love for yourself and presence in moments of disassociation…let your cravings for expansion take the lead.

It’s time you realize you’re loved for who you are, not what you do.

Desire to value yourself so much that you dress, eat, breathe, play and live your life only in the ways your soul chooses?

Find the idea of summoning your inner Queen, Oracle, Librarian, Seductress, Kali and all other feminine archetypes into your life to be yummy?

Does shadow work sound both terrifying and freeing?

Want to create your own successful online business and get paid abundantly for serving the world?

You may be a fit for 1:1 coaching.



Your feelings are sacred. All of them. Even the ones that consist of jealousy, rage and self-pity. They are just as valid as joy, elation and desire. You will learn how to develop a capacity to feel so deeply that you’ll sense your heart soften and open in magical ways.


So many women have been trying since birth to shield themselves from feeling too much pleasure. Together we will train your nervous system to hold your pleasure tenderly so that you can connect again to your feminine roots: the very heart of your creative and intuitive soul.


To go deep into one’s feminine, there also must be a container for holding it. In our time together, we will focus on both your creativity/flow and your capacity to hold space and structure your life in ways that feel nourishing and solid.


There’s no medal of honor for feeling less and closing your heart, my love. Life itself is trying to love you daily. Will you let it? Apply here. 



We will commit to 6 or 12 months of work together with 60 minute calls every two weeks. This is an intimate partnership that will require you to go deep in devotion to our container as well as yourself.


My coaching involves space holding for speaking, yes, but the deepest work is when we enter the body and express the heart’s truth. You can expect different embodiment practices ranging from breathwork to archetypes to pleasure practices and more.


Transformation does not exist only within our time face-to-face, but rather, the entire coaching duration is for your growth. To be my client you must be willing to remain devoted to your practices in daily life.

I first found Maddy via her podcast Mind Body Musings which I listened to religiously every Thursday (Australia time) during my workouts for a year. I eventually decided to reach out to Maddy for life coaching. ​The two ​reasons for this were​: 1) ​I had a strong calling to become a coach and​ 2)​ I had been going through relationship problems ​on the same issue for 8 months and I wanted to move on from that issue our relationship could go back to being great. It turned out to be ​a very real issue and after finding out the truth, ​I left him. ​T​he betrayal of the cheating left me feeling worthless, anxious and more emotional than I have ever been in my life.

And now, 6 months later, Maddy has guided me through introducing self-love and self-care disciplines that were so immensely powerful in helping me to move through the break up; Maddy has also assisted me to learn more about feminine energies and how to step deeper into my feminine after holding quite a masculine energy for so long; I left my place of work for 3 years to open my own Personal Training Studio and now she is guiding me in starting my life coaching business targeted at helping women bounce back from break ups.

I couldn’t recommend Maddy’s coaching enough, she has a wide experience in all aspects of life and I felt truly comfortable to talk about anything and everything with her. I was never left feeling unfulfilled and was always given tools to answer my questions, ease my concerns and/or dive deeper into my feelings. Maddy is so supportive and holds so much space for you to grow and be heard. She has been a huge impact on where I am today and I will definitely be investing in further coaching with Maddy.


Before working with Maddy, I was rigidly focused on creating my own marketing business. I hated my day job and felt stuck in many areas of my life. Throughout my coaching, Maddy helped me understand my purpose is not to work or own a business. I am here to thrive. This little mindset shift was huge for me.

My relationship and communication with my husband has strengthened. I’ve reconnected with old friends, met new ones, and let go of toxic relationships. I don’t dread going to my 9-5 anymore, and instead trust that I will move on in perfect time. I created my first paying client and gained more confidence in myself. I feel free to be me for the first time in a long time.


Madelyn offered me a specific practice to “trust my man’s leadership” which ended up being a game-changer for me. My practice of trusting and surrendering to my partner’s leadership has completely transformed our relationship dynamics. I’m feeling much more relaxed and playful around my partner, and he’s been more attentive to my energy and emotional nuances. It’s amazing how having this new awareness brought such a huge shift. Thank you Madelyn!


Working with Madelyn has been life-changing. I went from barely feeling my emotions to being able to tap into the depths of my body and viscerally feel my feelings. What’s even more amazing is that I’m now WILLING to feel my feelings. (I hadn’t allowed myself to cry in front of others in almost a decade… and the other day, I openly cried in front of my powerlifting coach at the gym. Wow.) By feeling the full depths of my emotions, I’ve become much more comfortable with open, vulnerable communication, where I am comfortable revealing my truth to others. In the past, when someone asks “How are you?” I always responded with my default, “I’m doing well!” Now, I’m able to respond with truth, without worry what the other person would think based on my response. Above all else, my heart has become softer and the cage around my heart has lowered. That’s what I really came to Madelyn for — her support in lowering these walls I’ve built around myself. Her loving, no-B.S. guidance and embodiment practices she’s assigned has helped me to feel totally safe within my own body. Madelyn’s a true light, and I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to deeply get in touch with their bodies and emotions.


​W​ow, it seems like yesterday when ​Maddy and I ​were having our first intro call. I am beyond grateful for all ​her encouragement, support, and occasional tough love when I needed it. Our journey together has been extremely transformative. ​She ha​s​ opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility at an exponential rate. I have gained more confidence in myself, personally and professionally. ​She ​was a rock that provided support, but also provided softness to guide me allow my journey. This guidance led to valuable insights and knowledge I now have around the feminine and provided the ability to explore the depths of my own femininity safely. ​Her ability to navigate between ​her own masculine and feminine energies is so profound and as I mentioned previously, one of the greatest attributes ​she ​has brought fourth as a coach during our time together​–​ I found​ it​ SO powerful as a client. I have gained and grown so much, I will be forever grateful for our six months together.


Working with Madelyn has been one of the best decisions of my life. From our first call to discuss 1:1 deep coaching she set a container that held me and challenged me to step into the Queen I’ve always been. Through our sessions I met, danced, and made art out of the light and dark within me. I learned to cultivate and bring forth my own divine masculine and feminine through embodiment. I began deeply healing my relationship to with my own feminine and how I relate and interact with women. I learned how to set boundaries, how to own myself and how to deeply feel my emotions while remaining open as love.  If you are ready to be fully seen, loved, and supported to rise and become even more of who you truly are- working with Madelyn is without a doubt the best gift you can give to yourself. I could write a book on working with her!


My work with Maddy has taken me deeper into trusting myself, recognizing my needs, and increasing my confidence. Maddy helped me to clear the clutter and get back down to the basics within me, living a life with intention in every moment. This is resulting in changes in my outside world that excite me in ways I haven’t felt in years.


Madelyn has this incredible ability to embody all of what she teaches. She makes it OK to have multiple sides to yourself. She made me understand that this is part of being human. My mind really liked to try and explain away things… to think in very black or white terms. Madelyn helped me understand that we are made up of deliciously contradictory dualities, and most importantly, we are not wrong for being this way. I now know that “negative” thoughts and positive thoughts can exist at the same time, that I can strangely both feel calm and angry at the same time, that I can be crying in one moment and laughing In the next… This may seem like a simple concept but it is not easy to dismantle the stories we tell ourselves about how we should feel, should act, should exist in this word. Madelyn shows up in her wise, compassionate and loving way and helps you give yourself permission to fully be yourself. I am grateful to have had her by my side during this journey to find myself.


I found Madelyn Moon after binging her podcast. Maddy has been one of my greatest teachers, mentors, coaches and now I can say friend. She is a container for what you need at any moment. My work with Maddy elevated how I felt about myself internally and that transformed how I was able to shine externally. I experienced tremendous growth with my voice, my relationships, my faith and now my business. She kept me accountable to speaking what my body was messaging me at every coaching session, and from there I was able to stay true to myself when we worked on building my business together. From creating a logo, to writing website copy, to building offerings that represented my brand’s mission, whatever I needed we rocked it. I am grateful that I listened to my intuition to work with Maddy and I am excited to mentor more under her in her SISU Society.


I started the coaching with Madelyn with a list of things I wanted to change about myself.

Looking back, these things haven’t really changed but instead the way I look at them has fundamentally shifted. From denial, shame and a feeling of inadequacy to a place of acceptance, even love, and working my way to humor.

Madelyn provided me the space and tools to rediscover long lost flavors of my feminine being, welcome them, express them in a safe container, and somehow integrate them into my sense of self. The ways in which this has impacted my everyday are countless. Subtle, yet life altering.

Within a matter of days after our first call and doing the practices I started to welcome emotions back and open to experiencing pleasure in my body. With Madelyn​’​s guidance I learned to find pleasure in moving my body, being in my body and with whatever comes up​ — ​something that now brings me joy every day and has given me self confidence and a deep knowledge that all parts of me are valid and welcome.

Over the months I have seen new patterns in the way I react: where I used to close I can now witness myself open a​nd​ lean in. This has changed how I relate to myself as well as others​. It’s​ really cleared out the way I communicate and allowed me to deepen relationships. The work that Madelyn guided me through has opened me up on many levels, even physically: my hips that used to always be tight and immobile have opened without even doing stretching. They’ve become a place of pleasure – and my best dancing friend.

During the whole process I felt safe, guided and cherished by Madelyn and there is not a thing that I would not trust her with. Whatever I brought up, she always knew how to serve me. She has a wisdom of asking the right questions that really made me go deeper and question beliefs and stories I had​. H​er archive of resources and practices seems infinite and she always knows what to pull out. At the same time our sessions and communication always felt warm and nurturing. I leave this container with endless gratitude and with a trust to have the tools to move through whatever life might throw at me.


My decision to hire Maddy Moon as my coach was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my lifetime. I first discovered Maddy through her podcast, when I was seeking guidance to recover from disordered eating and diet mentality. Maddy quickly became a role model, and although I was hesitant at first to invest in coaching, I trusted my gut and savored every minute of our time together. The ironic part is that my sessions with Maddy were hardly ever about food, as she quickly taught me to dive deeper. Through questioning and re-evaluating my beliefs, I awakened into my truest self. I am now confident in my ability to hold space for my wounds, my vulnerabilities, my backslides, my deepest desires, my pleasure, my every whim, and I owe that beautiful freedom to Maddy.  She was my most personalized, most supportive and nurturing, yet critical and thought-provoking teacher. She pushed me and challenged me and created space for me in ways that are nonpareil. I am eternally grateful!!!


My time with Maddy has been an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. When I came to her for coaching I wanted much more for myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and financially. It seemed I did as much as I could in each area on my own and all were leading to a dead end. She warmly served in each of these aspects for me. By her holding space for me, I was able to discover what truly was limiting me from being my most authentic feminine self. Together we found tools to help me release the past, and begin to start embracing the present moment. Her coaching techniques also brought healing to my anxious nervous system. There is no doubt in my mind I found Maddy when I needed her skills the most. Now I can honestly say, I have discovered more freedom than ever thought possible. Coaching with her exceeded my expectations. As well as brought clarity and growth in every way I wanted it to. It was an investment I would make again, if given the opportunity.


Coaching with Maddy was the best investment I could have made for myself. At the beginning of our coaching journey, I felt hopeless; I had tried everything I could think of to help heal my body issues, my anxiety, and my depression. And nothing was working. Maddy introduced me to the concepts of masculine and feminine energies. She taught me to listen to my intuition and challenged me to ask for what I want in life. She helped me learn to let go of perfectionism and to release my need for control. I still practice this daily. I can hardly believe how much I have changed in the last 6 months. I went from a hopeless mess to a woman on a mission! Maddy has inspired me to start my own practice someday. I feel alive with feminine energy. I have so much more hope and joy in my life thanks to the inner work Maddy has led me through. I will be forever grateful.


The passion and purpose Madelyn brings to her work is a real gift to witness. It is art in motion at the union of body, heart and soul. Madelyn is a masterful guide of masculine and feminine energetics and a living embodiment of this harmonious dance. She is a true queen of emotional alchemy and intelligence. It was with a sense of ease and grace that Madelyn held a tight container of a dozen plus women who showed up to do the work. Madelyn brings her raw, potent archetypal and embodiment practices to her containers and takes everyone deep. She is a powerful Divine Feminine leader, coach and facilitator who will challenge you to your emotional core with intuition, patience and love. 


When I started coaching with Maddy, I was insecure and unsure in my business, but eager to succeed. I had no idea where to start, but she graciously guided me with patience and love. In our six months together, I got published on major media like Popsugar and Brit+Co and got featured in 3 well-known blogs and podcasts. Not only that, but I learned how to position myself as a coach and authority, create clients, and refine my tone in the written word and on video. Maddy is extremely self-aware and intuitive, she was able to point out specifics in my own negative beliefs, help me to own them, and learn to rewrite a positive and true belief. In our six months together, she helped to shift my mindset from one of scarcity to one of prosperity through identifying areas in my life I held as limiting. I am so thankful for her wisdom and encouragement and would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to take steps to create their ideal future.


The decision to attend Maddy’s first retreat and subsequent decision to enroll in her coaching program have been two of the best decisions of my life. As a self-starter, I have been blown away by how much the accountability aspect of coaching has impacted me. The act of putting my family’s money on the line (a choice that came with clear sacrifices for my entire family) caused me to “show up” in a way I know I wouldn’t have otherwise. Maddy used this as a jumping off point to assist me in working through my “money issues” and the blocks and limiting beliefs I had carried my whole life. Maddy invests her soul’s energy in all her commitments and her coaching clients are no different. While I could talk to Maddy for hours on end, she has a knack for structuring our time together in a way that I get to express all the things I need to for that week and she leaves me feeling heard and valued, but also with some clear goals and directives for the time between calls. While our coaching program isn’t yet complete, I already know that I will be leaving with the confidence to be who I am in this world and the clarity to do what I value. I have spent years feeling like I needed to stay on the hamster wheel and do more and be more. I never wanted to miss out on anything. The dreaded FOMO! Those things were running my life. No longer. Maddy has given me insights and tools to peer into what it’s like to simply be. Be breathing. Be loving. Be me. And it turns out, I really like that girl 🙂


I came into my coaching with Maddy as a successful woman who was for all intents and purposes, living the dream. But despite all of the successes in my life, I had an overwhelming sensation that I was not living the life I wanted to live. Even worse, I didn’t even know what the life I wanted might look like. My work with Maddy allowed me to step out of my head and into my heart and intuition. I’m no longer afraid to want more and I have the tools to make a life that reflects me, not what I think it’s supposed to look like. In only six months, I have turned my life upside down, searched for and accepted a great job on terms I felt confident to negotiate, and most exciting of all – I am planning a big move to California! Her coaching style is the perfect mixture of nurturing support and tough love that I so needed at this time in my life.


I came to Maddy with the intention of starting a business that I had envisioned and to get some help with body image issues. With Maddy’s guidance, I was able to expand my blog and social media in ways that I never would have been able to do on my own. She helped me get on the right track in feeling more comfortable with myself and being healthy in a way that wasn’t driven by the need to be extremely fit and body image focused. Beyond that – about halfway through our time coaching, I found out that I was pregnant. Being that it was unplanned, this pregnancy brought up some serious emotions and issues for me. After deciding to go through with the pregnancy, Maddy helped me uncover the stories I was telling myself and how I was measuring my self-worth. She helped me move through those emotions and stories to work on healing my heart and accepting my pregnancy (and pregnant body). Maddy was so helpful with everything I threw at her and I would most definitely consider going back to her for coaching in the future. She has a very versatile range of issues that she can help with which was especially useful for me. Anyone who is looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Maddy.


Working with Maddy has helped me identify and break through the chains of shame that in the past held down the fearless feminine woman I am am discovering today. Today I am believing in myself, trusting my emotions and am able to be free of the isolation that I felt when I was judged or shamed for being who I am. I have learned to no longer accept words from people who tried to pass their anger and self loathing onto me.


My time with Maddy has been indescribable. Maddy has completely transformed my relationship with myself and my body. Through navigating cognitive thinking; changing maladapted patterns and thoughts, behaviorally I have seen immense changes in the way in which I conduct my life these days. Maddy approached working with me behaviorally through chipping away at my current belief system and in turn challenging me to make changes in my disordered eating patterns. Gradually, I have been taken to a sacred place of loving my body, nourishingly feeding it, and moving it in a way that feels good to me. This is something I would have never been able to do without doing one-on-one coaching with Maddy. I am eternally grateful for having Maddy in my life and I will continue to follow her naturally brilliant ways of portraying body positivity.


My experience and self growth with Maddy has really changed from when I started with her a short while ago. She’s helped me understand how and why orthorexia can happen and how to heal ourselves and find out true meaning. Maddy has always been there for me as a mentor and she can answer many questions that may arise during your sessions with her! It’s truly a blessing to have someone to relate to that has gone through the same situation as she can really guide you onto a path of hope, faith and healing. Maddy has helped me in so many aspects of my life now that I honestly feel that I can look forward to my journey in healing further and my path in this world!


Maddy came into my life at the exact perfect time and helped me grow into the person I knew I could be. I struggled for years with disordered eating, and though I was in a better place when we worked together, Maddy helped me kick lingering unhealthy beliefs and patterns. She also mentored me as I built my own blog and coaching business, and I am forever grateful for her. I was able to turn to Maddy for any and all struggles, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!


Working with Maddy has been a wonderful, life altering experience! She is wise beyond her years and inspired me to look deeper inside myself as a person, rather than focusing on food and body image as the determinants of my self worth. Maddy created a supportive environment where I was comfortable sharing my most private experiences and feelings with her and for that I am truly grateful. After three months of working together, I am finally on a path of recovery from binge/restrict disordered eating and it feels amazing!


Coaching with Maddy has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my health and self. I initially discovered her through her Mind Body Musings podcast and I now realize that God timed my finding her podcast perfectly for the stage of life I was in… Knowing the way I had been living was not a fulfilling way to live my life, i.e., obsessing about my body image, engaging in destructive food behaviors, and running around in the world’s fleeting & endless pursuit of perfection, but also not knowing what the next step looked like and how to take it. Maddy helped me do that through her podcast and her coaching. She has such wisdom and insight. Not only that, but she has incredible intuition and is always very present during coaching sessions.


Working with Maddy helped me finally clear away the cobwebs of distraction that were keeping me from being honest with myself for years.  Her no-nonsense approach is refreshing and most efficient for down to earth people like me.  She is THE coach (after hiring many) who was able to guide me through the trickiest transitions of my life so far.




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