Episode 217: If you’d like to become a coach, but haven’t quite made the leap yet, I’m guessing this popular reason is holding you back and creating most, if not all, of your resistance. Trust me, I get it…there are lots of ways our Inner Critic likes to convince us that we need to play it safe.

Here is my question: is that your true voice? Is that really the voice that has your best interest at heart? Do you feel it’s been leading you closer to your truth all your life…or further?

In this episode, I’ll explain why this one popular fear is total BS and how you can triumph over it to become the coach you desire, and were born, to be.

Show notes:

  • Apply for my 1:1 coaching to overcome your deepest fears HERE
  • To get a list of my top 100 favourite books FOR FREE, go HERE
  • My life update and current periods of transition.
  • Encouraging thoughts to your path of healing.
  • “Express your joy at the same time that you feel the rawness of your heart.”
  • Find the one thing that you do know and then let the rest of it unfold on its own.
  • Are you going to play small for the sake of holding on to control, or are you going to play big and step into the uncertain space in front of you?
  • The importance and difference between having a physical team and a spiritual team.
  • “Be open to the next step coming to you.”
  • Why so many feel overwhelmed with picking a life coach.
  • Top book recommendation: You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
  • It’s okay if what you love doesn’t land with other people.
  • Everyone might be saying the same thing in the coaching world, but the way YOU say it might make all the difference to someone.
  • “We’re looking for ourselves in other people.”
  • The reason why we resonate the most with certain people and not so much others. 
  • Coming up with your own point of view is what sets you apart.
  • Even though it may feel like there’s so many coaches, there’s really not.
  • Nothing is original. We’re ALL recycling the same stuff and that’s okay.
  • Coaching tip: If you’re starting out in coaching, get specific on the one thing that you feel the most comfortable with.
  • The honest truth is there’s never going to be enough coaches and healers in the world.
  • You being a healer does not threaten me being a healer.
  • The ego’s role in keeping you safe and what to do about it.

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