Episode 252: Many people are constantly seeking approval and permission to let go and be their own kind of freak, rebel, sexy minx, spiritual guide — aka, just themselves. Madelyn Moon discusses how to experience a new kind of freedom when you no longer care about the popular societal opinion. She provides the blueprint on how to evolve into the grander version of yourself, regardless of what society tells you how it should look.

Show notes:

  • Why Madelyn no longer cares what society thinks of her.
  • Her updated bio quote and why she is a “walking permission slip.”
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  • Musings of the week: How do you connect to your pleasure while still remaining safe?
  • The most powerful question to ask yourself anytime you’re feeling stuck, “What would a queen do?”
  • You can always feel the pleasure in your body, but you don’t have to always reveal it. The pleasure (the pulse) is always there.
  • We have duality in our life with most things. We’re constantly checking in with the rest of the world to see if what we’re doing is wrong.
  • IT’S OKAY. It’s okay to change and move on. It’s okay to want a new job. It’s okay to want a new friendship. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to date again. It’s okay to not have kids. It’s okay to be gay. YOU ARE AN INFINITE SPIRIT.
  • Shadow work is about claiming ALL of the parts of you — the parts that you don’t want people to see, that essentially control your life.
  • When you look to people for permission, you’re basically asking society how can I be more like you?
  • Do we really want to be more like society? Do we really want to fit in?
  • How to know if you’re just afraid to play bigger.
  • Life on earth is all about evolution — it’s all about moving forward.
  • When something new is being born, something else may be dying, and that’s okay. There’s beauty in it all.
  • How you know when to make a major decision.
  • The beauty in the uncomfortable space of not knowing.
  • Your body connects you to your inner knowing.
  • Make sure when you ask someone for permission that they are a trusted source and you look up to them.
  • The period moving from constriction to expansion is incredibly important.
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Connect with Maddy:

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