Episode 78: Caroline Dooner is the creator of The Eff It Diet, the spiritual anti-diet and a normal eating mentor, as well as a writer/performer. She really wants women to start taking up space, using their voices, and being body rebels. She loves all things mystical, spiritual and creative. She lives in NYC.

She has a free 10 day course to help you Stop Being Afraid of Food which you can grab HERE.

Show notes:

  • How being a performer led Caroline down a dark weight-obsessed path
  • How Caroline’s mom’s beliefs toward food shaped Caroline’s beliefs
  • How (and why) she developed binge eating disorder as a kid
  • How Caroline first learned about Intuitive Eating
  • Her journey from raw veganism to “eating like a French woman” to paleo
  • Why her low carb paleo diet was making things worse for her health
  • How she finally learned to give up all food rules and stop fearing food
  • How Matt Stone and Ray Peat contributed to her food freedom evolution
  • Ending her fear over fruit and sugar and finally gluten!
  • Her current relationship with movement and exercise
  • What Caroline has to say about being a thin woman promoting intuitive eating
  • Her free 10 day course (HERE)

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