Episode 60: Camille DePutter has always been a storyteller.

Whether it was writing the editors of Archie Comics to correct their grammar, or developing key messages to convince her parents to let her have more candy, at a very young age she learned the importance of telling a story, and telling it well.

She is part poet and part pragmatist. She’s worked as a communications expert in marketing, advertising, public relations, and in-house, and through the years she has helped business leaders gain followings and build customer bonds with authentic, articulate, artful communication.

She has also learned first-hand the power of telling one’s own story: of sharing our most significant, transformative moments, or capturing the memories and experiences of our loved ones. These are the stories that make us who we are – but sometimes we need help telling them.

When she says she writes with heart, she means that literally. She was born with a heart condition. For about thirty years she tried to hide the story of her own heart. Today it is her signature story: a defining experience that she uses to show herself to the world, and help others do the same.

Watch the video of this story HERE.

Here’s what we talk about in today’s episode:

  • Camille DePutter’s heart condition causing shame growing up
  • How Camille created a passion out of storytelling and why she helps others do the same
  • How readiness is an important factor for exploring your past and future story
  • The different forms of storytelling
  • Moving on from identifying with labels that have been holding you down, but also being able to open the doors to other opportunities you never thought were in the cards for you
  • The power of helping others now even if you’re still struggling (especially if you’re still struggling)
  • How the world needs more people that aren’t afraid to be honest
  • Noticing the language that goes on in your head towards other people not meeting expectations
  • An amazing resource Camille wants you to take advantage of!

Here’s where you can connect with Camille:

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