Episode 144: I have a Darker Self. A Shadow Self. I have a side that’s less attractive. A side that’s not socially acceptable.

This side, well, she’s ashamed a lot of the time. She’s a little nervous to be seen. She hides in secrecy, and only a few people have seen her. Even then, I spend a lot of time apologizing for her appearance.

This side of myself is stubborn. She makes situations that could be very easy, quite difficult. She bottles things up. She can be rude. She takes awhile to forgive when there are miscommunications that could just as easily be laughed at.

These qualities about myself are not fun. I don’t particularly like them. But even though I don’t like them, I have learned to be compassionate towards them. I understand that I have this side for a reason…a very specific and powerful reason.

What do you think the world would be like if we all allowed our Shadow selves to come out fully and express themselves when they needed to? How do you think people would feel if their hearts where so open that they unapologetically allowed all of themselves to be known and even seen?

If you have a side of yourself that you’re not particularly fond of, maybe even a little embarrassed about, get ready for this juicy episode. Trust me, you’re going to see your Shadow Self in a whole new “light” after diving in.

Show notes:

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  • Listen to THIS previous podcast interview I had with the Four Sigmatic founder, Tero Isokauppila
  • Ready for a retreat and revival of the soul? Save your spot for the Confidence Revival retreat happening in May!
  • How my friend inspired me when she described her own relationship with her shadow self
  • The beautiful and not so beautiful side of my shadow self
  • Discover your tendency by listening to THIS previous podcast episode I had with Gretchen Rubin
  • Why I’m a “rebel” according to Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies
  • How my stubbornness motivated me to go after my dreams
  • Why you don’t have to hold shame and hide behind your shadow self
  • Find out how your shadow self can benefit your life
  • “Instead of letting your shadow self hold power over you, be the one who holds the power over your shadow self.”
  • How to find out what your shadow self is
  • “When you speak up, shame shuts up.”
  • Why you need to bring your shadow self into the light and undo the stories you’ve been told about it
  • How to be stern without being rude
  • Look at patterns and see how you can tune them up
  • Have a conversation with your friends about your shadow selves and learn how you can support each other
  • Q&A time! Some of the questions I cover include:
    • Recommendations on how to calm down during panic attacks: HERE is Justin Stentrom’s 3 Steps to Curing Panic Attacks
    • Audiobooks I listened to more than once: The Hobbit and Prosperous Coach
    • Refeeding and weight restoration
    • How I met my boyfriend
    • Favorite way to take care of myself
    • Activities aside from yoga: megaformer pilates and acro yoga
    • Female figure who inspires me the most
    • Why I wanted to be a coach and THIS previous episode I had with Hannah Bier
    • My advice for somebody who’s starting out in the field of coaching: Institute for Psychology of Eating and Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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