Episode 265: It’s not a secret that Madelyn Moon suffered from disordered eating and body dysmorphia for years. Her story has been featured in many podcasts and mainstream publications—just Google search “Madelyn Moon and disordered eating” and a whole host of options appear. However, how she currently feels about her body/food/exercise is not something she’s discussed for a bit, so this episode is an inside glimpse into where she’s at on her journey in that arena.

She doesn’t just tiptoe around this body image topic in this episode either—she lets you know exactly what her workouts and food choices look like now. She answers your burning questions, including—do you still struggle with disordered eating? Are your workouts planned? How is your diet structured? How do you go into the real world and date?

Even though this is an old topic for her and something she’s discussed a million times, this episode is a fresh take on where she’s at now and is not to be missed if you’ve struggled with a poor body image.

Show notes:

  • Four 10-Minute Practices for Feminine Embodiment HERE
  • Madelyn’s background with fitness and her body image.
  • She built a physical armor by body-building to convince herself she was a guy as she saw nothing special about being a woman.
  • The “bad” body image days that she still experiences.
  • Her “creature of habit” daily diet.
  • Why she still knows around how many calories she eats.
  • “I’m all about sugar. I am not someone at all that limits it.”
  • The extreme hunger that she experienced when she was recovering.
  • Podcast episodes around binge eating HERE
  • Her junk food love and waffle sandwiches
  • The current relationship that she has with her body. 
  • Her tip about ab checks.
  • Why she hardly ever weighs herself.
  • Why she thinks there’s too much focus put on intuitive eating and what she thinks is more important.
  • “Intuition is important. It’s not everything.”
  • “I have released resistance around food because I have released resistance around me.”
  • By accepting the shadow, food becomes nothing.
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  • Madelyn’s exercise—how often and what kind.
  • Why food is more important to her than workouts.
  • The particular practice she has been doing for the last 2 years.
  • How she deals with weight gain. 
  • If you’re taking something out, you want to fill it in with something.
  • How to embody more feminine energy with your movement.
  • Her current struggles with disordered eating.
  • Panic moments when eating out.

Connect with Maddy:

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