Dear Masculine

Dear Masculine, for me to melt into you fully I need to feel the firmness of your grip. Tell me you’re not leaving through the force of your fingers. Dear Masculine, for me to ease into coherent speech and make sense of my chaos I need to feel you seeing me while I’m...

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5 Tips for Going from GO GO GO to FLOW

Ever find yourself totally up in a tizzy, going, moving, and doing so much that you find your head spinning? Especially around this time of the year, there is a lot of movement and activity to be done and it's easy to get swept up in the excitement. I have seasons...

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There’s No Place Like London

When I was around ten years old, I made up my mind that one day I would live in London, above cobblestoned streets, and spend all day drinking cappuccinos and writing novels. Though that dream has not come to fruition, I've made the first step by taking a very...

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5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Every so often I get asked what books have really peaked my interest, what podcasts I am diving into, and what activities I fill my days with. Although I could probably make a 20 minute video listing all of the different things I'm enjoying, I decided to keep it...

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Frankfurt, Paris and Thoughts on Solo Travel

“Excuse me, do you speak English?” I asked him at the train stop. “Oui, a little,” he said. Grateful for a little communication, I slowed down and asked him to help me understand how the tickets worked at the train stop. Thousands of people were rushing past me with...

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4 Ways to Create Vulnerability with Your Lover

Are you in a loving relationship, but yet you feel there is a lack of depth? Has your heart been taken advantage of in your past? Looking to create something REAL with your lover {or future lover} but you're unsure of how to create that space? I've been in a few...

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5 Ways Embracing Femininity Has Transformed Me

I want to chat about a very important topic that’s been affecting me greatly in new ways. Not only is it something that’s changing my own life, but I’ve also been watching it change the lives of my clients. It’s a discovery that has the power to release you from the...

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My Top 5 Morning Rituals

They say that the way you do your morning is the way you do your life. I don't necessarily agree with everything "they say" but in this case, I think they are pretty spot on. I used to wake up and immediately open my phone to check email, Instagram, Facebook and...

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I Still Have Bathroom Floor Breakdowns

What a sad thing it is, to spend the majority of your life obsessing over something that will one day turn to dust. When I look at my past, I am filled with both gratitude and sadness. I’m grateful for the beautiful opportunities I was given with a generous family, a...

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5 Reasons to Plan a Solo Trip This Year

When you start planning a trip, what do you normally do? Gather a group of friends? Get your significant other on board? While these are wonderful options when traveling, if you never even CONSIDER the possibility of going by yourself, you could be missing out on some...

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8 Ways to Attract The Relationship of Your Dreams

Have you taken a break from the dating scene for a long hard while, and now you're ready to jump back in? Feeling a little intimidated by how "times have changed" when it comes to meeting new people? Dating is very different than it was just 5 or 10 years ago....

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3 Reason You Need to Feel Heartbreak

I'm very fortunate to be able to hear the personal stories of many people throughout all the seasons of their year. It's been fascinating to watch emotions ebb and flow, unfold, change, develop and evolve. Time after time, I watch one very similar experience crossover...

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5 Ways to Step Into Your Femininity

I used to believe that acting "like a girl" meant being weak. I thought that if I had too many emotions about something non-significant, I was being a typical "silly" girl who couldn't control herself. I feared that if I cared about something too much I would look...

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