3 Journaling Tools for the Non-Journaler

I’ve always been a tit bit jealous of those who had a steady journaling practice. Not only did I envy their ability to sit down and effortlessly flow out thoughts that actually made sense, but typically (at least according to Instagram), it poured out of them with...

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This is Why My Boyfriends Used to Turn Me Off

“I just want to feel loved,” he said crying. “You are loved! Why are you crying? Stop crying,” I said back impatiently. “I don’t feel loved right now. You’re yelling at me and we’re fighting,” he said. I stormed off into the bedroom and slammed the door, anger pulsing...

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10 Things to Do If You’re Going Through A Breakup

I’m convinced that going through one breakup means going through all the breakups. At least for me, when I experience the expiration of a relationship, my mind can’t help but revisit all the expirations. I’m reminded of past rejections. I’m transported to the day I...

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Are You Afraid of Looking Weak? Read this.

Do you fear your sensitivity makes you look weak? Are you ashamed of your innate nature to be soft? Do you spend most of your time trying to think about how you can stay in control of something, or at least check off all the boxes for the day? Funnily enough, one of...

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Adventures in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is quaint, cozy, eclectic, spunky and cold. The first day I arrived it was windy and snowing which made it a little challenging to go through my typical "walk around until I'm lost" first day. As much as there is to explore in Amsterdam, my stamina and...

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5 Tips for Going from GO GO GO to FLOW

Ever find yourself totally up in a tizzy, going, moving, and doing so much that you find your head spinning? Especially around this time of the year, there is a lot of movement and activity to be done and it's easy to get swept up in the excitement. I have seasons...

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There’s No Place Like London

When I was around ten years old, I made up my mind that one day I would live in London, above cobblestoned streets, and spend all day drinking cappuccinos and writing novels. Though that dream has not come to fruition, I've made the first step by taking a very...

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5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Every so often I get asked what books have really peaked my interest, what podcasts I am diving into, and what activities I fill my days with. Although I could probably make a 20 minute video listing all of the different things I'm enjoying, I decided to keep it...

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Frankfurt, Paris and Thoughts on Solo Travel

“Excuse me, do you speak English?” I asked him at the train stop. “Oui, a little,” he said. Grateful for a little communication, I slowed down and asked him to help me understand how the tickets worked at the train stop. Thousands of people were rushing past me with...

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4 Ways to Create Vulnerability with Your Lover

Are you in a loving relationship, but yet you feel there is a lack of depth? Has your heart been taken advantage of in your past? Looking to create something REAL with your lover {or future lover} but you're unsure of how to create that space? I've been in a few...

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5 Ways Embracing Femininity Has Transformed Me

I want to chat about a very important topic that’s been affecting me greatly in new ways. Not only is it something that’s changing my own life, but I’ve also been watching it change the lives of my clients. It’s a discovery that has the power to release you from the...

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