She Craves to Be Messy- Instagram Post Roundup

I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It's so yummy, intuitive, fun and community-oriented (as long as we keep our highlight reels in check, and share our realesttt moments in life too). I've had the idea to begin sharing some of my posts from Instagram directly onto my website for those...

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8 Ways Perfectionism is Keeping You From Enjoying Sex

In our culture, there are two big things that happen with sex: repression and exploitation. The media uses sex to sell just about everything, from weight loss pills to burgers to perfume. Movies make billions of dollars off their steamy romantic shots while Disney is...

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Skincare, Pilates and Other Things I’m Loving Lately

Phew, it’s been a hot minute since I last sat down to write a blog post. I’ve gone through a really intense period of focus on what I believe I’m best at: 1:1 coaching, podcasting and live events. Those are my focuses. That said, I have an ancient love for writing and...

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Confidence Revival Retreat 2017 at Kripalu

One thing I've learned about transformational experiences is that typically, words cannot encompass the experience. They just can't do it justice. You can use all of the powerful, emotional, descriptive words that you know, yet, in the end, the only thing that can...

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This is Why My Boyfriends Used to Turn Me Off

“I just want to feel loved,” he said crying. “You are loved! Why are you crying? Stop crying,” I said back impatiently. “I don’t feel loved right now. You’re yelling at me and we’re fighting,” he said. I stormed off into the bedroom and slammed the door, anger pulsing...

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10 Things to Do If You’re Going Through A Breakup

I’m convinced that going through one breakup means going through all the breakups. At least for me, when I experience the expiration of a relationship, my mind can’t help but revisit all the expirations. I’m reminded of past rejections. I’m transported to the day I...

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Are You Afraid of Looking Weak? Read this.

Do you fear your sensitivity makes you look weak? Are you ashamed of your innate nature to be soft? Do you spend most of your time trying to think about how you can stay in control of something, or at least check off all the boxes for the day? Funnily enough, one of...

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Adventures in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is quaint, cozy, eclectic, spunky and cold. The first day I arrived it was windy and snowing which made it a little challenging to go through my typical "walk around until I'm lost" first day. As much as there is to explore in Amsterdam, my stamina and...

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