How to Stop Binging (Part 2)

It’s been a week since I wrote How to Stop Binging Part 1. As I wrote in Part 1, the first step to healing any disorder is acceptance and acknowledgment of who you are as a person. Go back and read that article here before you continue on to this next part…. The next...

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How to Stop Binging (Part 1)

About half a year ago, somebody asked me something. They said, “Madelyn, I want to know how to stop binging but I also want to go on a sugar detox.” The lights in my brain set off, whereas in her brain, she’s scavenging for all the possible answers I might be able to...

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4 Surprising Ways I Have Experience Intuitive Living

Intuitive eating never felt difficult for me. It felt impossible. I couldn’t comprehend how "normal" eaters could simply feel their emotions or desires, and then eat based on their biological cues. Oh, and that whole fullness thing? How does one get there? I always...

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3 Keys for Handling Rejection Online

We live in a society where becoming an entrepreneur is not only possible, but it's also encouraged. Whether your calling is as a writer, speaker, coach, inventor, artist, musician, athlete, or leader, you can make your dream come to life by taking action, doing the...

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5 Reasons Why I’m Leaving CrossFit

Many times people come to me saying that they want to help others recover from their disordered eating patterns, but they aren’t fully recovered themselves and so they don’t feel confident enough to coach. I understand this fear more than they know. In fact, I don’t...

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How to Handle People That Comment on Your Body

Working with as many people as I do, I keep my ears open and eyes peeled for repetitive issues. While we all have different stories and journeys, the root causes for our issues with our bodies typically come from similar originations. One thing I’ve realized in the...

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5 New Ways to Use Your Hands For Recovery

When was the last time you looked at your hands and thought about their crucial use in your recovery process? As untraditional as it may sound, your hands can be one of the biggest helpers in reconnecting you to your primal instincts: to survive, thrive, enjoy, relax,...

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I Stopped Doing Cardio and This Happened

The belief systems we create for ourselves govern our daily decisions and actions. Unfortunately, we usually don't have an initial say in developing these beliefs because they're adopted subtly and quickly from messages we internalize from the world. We latch onto...

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3 Forms of Meditation That Don’t Require Lying Down

Let’s be real, life can get crazy. Sometimes I’m really on point when it comes to self-care, and other times I let the hustle and bustle of coaching take over my days and nights. I often feel extremely inspired during the longevity of the rush, but the minute the...

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Always on the hunt for new ways to lose weight? Read this.

“Okay, now take off your shirt and let’s see how your stomach is coming along,” said my trainer. I stripped off my tank top, revealing my black Target sports bra, feeling slightly embarrassed for not having high-quality fitness clothing when I’m sure he assumed I...

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