Episode 262: Feeling like a “black sheep” in your circle of friends and/or with your family can feel incredibly painful. Maybe you dress differently than your family members; maybe you talk or sound differently; maybe you don’t think as conservatively as your family; maybe your life choices have simply gone against the grain from others around you. Whatever your situation may be, it can be very painful to feel like an outcast from those around you.

In this episode, Madelyn offers us a fresh perspective on feeling like a “black sheep.” She discusses her experience with feeling different from those in her family unit and how to shift your perspective to see this as a gift to your soul and to the world. You will learn how to best handle this experience so you can feel empowered and confident with those around you.

Show notes:

  • Madelyn addresses a listener’s question about embodiment and embarrassment.
  • Feminine Spirit School Waitlist HERE
  • What does it mean to be the “black sheep” of the family?
  • Madelyn’s experience with being personally bullied and attacked growing up.
  • Fear of being embarrassed holds us back — learn how to release its hold.
  • “The emotions that come up with feeling embarrassment are the emotions that you want to move through.”
  • Our stories from the past have created the shadows we have today. 
  • How we have learned from society what we should be embarrassed about.
  • “If you feel that you’re different from the rest of your family, trust that your soul knew what it was doing when it reincarnated into your family.”
  • Why Madelyn often attracts people who don’t feel understood.
  • Learning to love yourself for being the black sheep and how to unconditionally love those people that don’t understand you.
  • “We need to understand that when we go down a different path than what our family is going through, they’re going through their own experience.”
  • How to stay in our own lane and not make anyone else wrong for not understanding us.
  • Remaining committed to your why will keep you in your own lane.
  • Madelyn’s experience with going to Asia and her family disapproving.
  • We are our own source of approval. Let that be enough. 
  • Getting stuck in our heads is the exact opposite of embodiment.

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