Episode 108: Anne-Sophie Reinhardt serves entrepreneurs, coaches and highly ambitious women who want OUT of their destructive relationship with food and their bodies by helping them to respect their body wholeheartedly.

She is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Eating Psychology Coach, founder of the award-winning blog and podcast Escape Diet Prison, successful speaker and workshop leader with clients all over the world.

After a 14-year long battle with food and her body, she successfully healed her relationship with herself and is now passionate about helping others find the peace, freedom and happiness she enjoys every day.

An expert in her field, she has been quoted extensively on popular media and is a regular speaker on issues surrounding women’s body images.

Her story and message have been the focus of a national Swiss documentary and she has been a guest on Swiss and German national TV. Her work has also been published on sites such as the Huffington Post, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Wild Sister and She Takes on the World.

Show notes:

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  • Why Anne-Sophie began to diet around the age of 9
  • How the comments of adults in her life contributed to her eating disorder
  • The camaraderie around dieting that was extremely present in her immediate family
  • Advice Anne-Sophie has for parents who want to be a body positive role model for their kids
  • The importance of using your intuition to decipher what your kids need when they have moments of insecurity
  • Why complimenting your children on appearance is fine as long as it’s not the only thing you acknowledge about them
  • Respecting your child as a human, and not just as a “child”
  • How Anne-Sophie has freed herself completely from food fears
  • Why “I feel fat” actually means “I feel insecure” or something equally un-related to actual fat
  • How knowing the way you want your future to go helps you let go of negative body image thoughts in the present
  • Why sometimes you just need to let go in order to move on
  • How to be more decisive in life
  • There’s no decision that you can’t reverse
  • How poetry is often an expressive way for Anne-Sophie to release her emotions
  • Must-read book: Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth

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