Episode 143: Amie Tollefsrud is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and CEO of Rebelle Nutrition, an online business aimed at helping women heal their bodies through nutrition so that they finally have the energy to start living their most inspired life. After finding herself thousands of dollars in debt, stuck in a soul-sucking job, and living a generally uninspired life, Amie and her husband decided step away from the conventional model of success, and sell nearly all of their possessions in order to move to Maui, Hi, and haven’t looked back since. She has become more and more passionate about the benefits of minimalist living as it’s positive effect on both her physical and mental health. She now lives and runs her business from inside of their 120 square foot tiny house, creating online courses and sharing her minimalist journey with others through her Instagram and articles for MindBodyGreen.

Show notes:

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  • Read Amie’s previous guest post on my blog
  • Amie had a lot of health challenges and was in a poor financial place
  • Her journey working for corporate America and buying a tiny house in Colorado (her first big step towards minimalism)
  • Our deep love for Anthony Bourdain
  • How to overcome roadblocks in moving to an entirely new place
  • “When you want something so bad, nothing stops you” > this is SO true
  • How reaching out to people can help make your travel experience easier
  • Sheer determination alone can help you get what you want
  • Listen to THIS previous episode I had with Jia Jiang, The Rejection Guy
  • What food preparation and eating healthy looks like in a tiny house
  • How to live with someone in a tiny house without being at each other’s throat all the time
  • If things are good, own it! Don’t hold back from admitting how happy you are
  • The highlights and lowlights of being a digital nomad
  • Why you should stop making excuses and just start traveling NOW
  • “If you have a desire in you, there is always a way”
  • Learn more about couchsurfing HERE
  • THIS episode I had with Jake will be your guide to WWOOFing
  • Minimalist wardrobe // owning fewer clothes
  • Shop for bikinis in Pakaloha
  • Checkout Femtrepreneur HERE
  • Must-read book:

Connect with Amie:

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