Episode 129: Amanda Gyuran is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Pilates Instructor who helps women connect to their inner wisdom and reclaim their lives so they can pursue their true passions with purpose. Amanda works with creative women worldwide through her private mentorship program and her online Pilates course, The Liberated Movement Method. You can find more on her virtual home, AmandaGyuran.com

Show notes:

  • Amanda Gyuran was previously in the fashion industry, studying design.
  • During college, she became obsessed with trying to achieve a perfect body that eventually she lost her passion and creativity with design
  • Her striving-to-be-perfect attitude rooted in her childhood as she was an only child, she always aims to be the perfect daughter
  • How it can be challenging to be your true self when you are around your family
  • She talks about her fear of finally moving out and living independently
  • The remedies to her 3 limiting beliefs
    • Allowing yourself to feel
    • Not giving yourself a break
    • Being precise with yes or no
  • When in transition you ask yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” and then cling on to “what’s the best that could happen?”
  • When you focus on what’s best, it becomes a manifestation
  • Amanda’s past relationship and how she got stuck on the masculine energy
  • How she eventually ended the relationship to focus more on her feminine energy
  • How she surrendered to being a woman and being taken care of
  • Explaining kundalini 
  • She opens up about having a lot of guilt and shame around her body and how it affected intimacy
  • What happens when the kundalini is awakened
  • The funny story of how I was offered to awaken my kundalini
  • How to manifest feminine energy
  • Know more about More Than This event HERE
  • Must-read book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Check out THIS site for cheaper flights

Connect with Amanda:

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