Episode 235: Ali Tate Cutler is a Californian native who has been a hard-working model for 6 years. In that time, she has cultivated a voice advocating body positivity and love for the environment, as well as being a leader in the health and wellness movement. She is also a certified yoga teacher.

Ali has developed a unique voice in the curve industry as a healthy body advocate and an eco-warrior. She has created her own plus size clothing line with sustainable fashion powerhouse called Reformation, which sold out. Ali also has a podcast on iTunes called ‘The Love You Give’ where she interviews inspiring people at the top of their fields in health and wellness. She also hosts women’s circles in New York City for women to connect with others and facilitate deep release.

In her modeling career, she has worked for clients like Mango, Ralph Lauren, Vanity Fair, Target, Lucky Brand, Marina Rinaldi, Target, J Crew, Madewell, Express, Nordstrom and many more.

Show notes: 

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  • Maddy suggests creating a Word of the Year for 2019 as your North Star.
  • Maddy’s 2019 focus is on hosting retreats HERE
  • Ali’s experience with the meditation retreat center, The Tree of Life, and Gabriel Cousens.
  • Ali’s juice fast regimen and how it helps connect her to her body and spirituality.
  • Must-read book: The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J. Lisle.
  • Why coffee enemas are crucial for your health and how to do them.
  • How she became a plus-size model.
  • How modeling has helped her to create a ‘positive-body’ brain, although she is rejected all the time.
  • Why she wore padding on her hips and breasts.
  • Why classifications as a plus-sized model is a good thing.
  • Important to ask yourself: Who is profiting off of me thinking I’m not good enough?
  • “Loving myself for all that it is is an act of rebellion.”
  • “Simply being alive every single day is a traumatic experience.”
  • Must-read book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
  • Why women have so much anger and hate within them.
  • Her most memorable experience during a photo shoot.
  • Why she loves nude photo shoots and why she now feels wilder than any other time.
  • Her ultimate modeling goal.
  • “Our real juiciness is in the soul work.”
  • “You can’t go into the deeper levels if you can’t get past how many calories you just ate.”
  • When you’re creating a connection with spirit, you’re going to be so happy that you have a body.
  • Light bath photography sessions HERE
  • Her life-changing Kundalini awakening during her first juice fast.
  • How she meshes the fashion world with the spiritual world.
  • Must-read book: Material World Mystical Girl by Ruby Warrington.
  • How the ancient Hawaiian practice Ho’oponopono has helped her forgive.

Connect with Ali:

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