Episode 73: Alexi Panos is the new, “it” girl on the Personal Development scene, leading with unique style and undeniable soul. Named as one of ORIGIN Magazine’s TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD, winner of Elixir Magazine’s Millennial Mentor Award, and one of the stars of the breakout documentary THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR, Alexi is truly shaking things up with her passionate and energetic delivery, making a unique mark on the world. Her forth coming book, 50 WAYS TO YAY!, published by Simon & Schuster (out June 2016), will be the beginning of a series of books published under this house.

Whether she’s speaking + facilitating workshops around the world with her transformational Bridge Method, drilling clean water wells through her non profit E.P.I.C, dishing insights from her own personal quest for truth in her books and blogs, or inspiring a million plus viewers as host of her compelling inspirational YouTube Series, she’s completely OBSESSED with creating experiences that matter, move + inspire people into their greatness and authentic selves.

Alexi’s mission is to empower ONE BILLION people to harness their unique gifts in order to create a Compound Inspiration Effect that truly changes the world.

Alexi has been chosen as a Brand Ambassador for MTV, JetBlue, Quiksilver, Alternative Apparel + CAT Footwear, as she represents the new generation of change makers and earth movers that are shifting the world in an authentic way. Her work has been featured in Origin Magazine, New York Magazine, New York Daily News, on HGTV, History Channel, MTV, and JetBlue jet bridges and screens all over the US + Caribbean.

Show notes:

  • Alexi’s journey going from singer, partier, model to motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a non-profit life-changer
  • The event that was running Alexi’s life subconsciously and how she finally pulled it out of the deepest, darkest place in her heart and faced it head on
  • How she “cleaned up shop” with the stories she was holding about herself
  • Why asking yourself “why is this for me?” is so empowering
  • How she manifested a healthy relationship with money
  • Alexi’s consistent work effort and behind-the-scenes hustle
  • Why her focus is always on the “why”
  • Learning to stop doing something that’s “healthy” when you know it’s not healthy for you
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