Episode 209: As the best-selling author of Women, Food & Desire, co-creator and co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, and highly-sought-after wellness expert for thousands, Alexandra Jamieson has made it her mission to empower women to create epic lives–by honoring their cravings and kicking body shame to the curb.

Alex is the creator of Her Rules Radio, a #1 rated podcast on iTunes where listeners from around the world are educated and captivated by thought-provoking interviews on wellness, cravings, sexuality, and more.

Her work has been praised and adored by Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Goop, Martha Stewart Living, the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Elle, Marie Claire, USA Today, People, and the American Heart Association amongst many others.

As a life-long learner, her wellness expertise has grown out of a decade of experience, as well as her education at the Natural Gourmet Institute, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certification in Applied Positive Psychology.

Show notes:

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  • An experiment Alexandra did with her son to show him the power of language (see the original Instagram post I refer to HERE)
  • Ways you can teach your child consent
  • Why Alexandra does not tickle her child or make him hug anyone he doesn’t want to huge (even those in the family)
  • A few memories I have where consent boundaries were crossed as a child in my family (being forced to ride rollercoasters that terrified me, being sat on when I had eyedrops put in my eyes, tickling)
  • Setting boundaries with your family and not getting lost in the cycle of guilt
  • Soul Friends by Stephen Cope
  • Acknowledging that relationships will uncover new layers of yourself for your entire life
  • How to know the difference between when you need to set boundaries with someone and when you need to take a hatchet to the relationship
  • The question to ask yourself: “How much more pain are you willing to endure?”
  • Insight into Alexandra’s previous marriage with famous director Morgan Spurlock and the infidelity she experienced in that marriage
  • Why complaining about your partner/ex-partner to your child is one of the most damaging things your child can experience
  • When you talk negatively about your spouse, you are talking negatively about your child. Children associate their parents as them. They are 50% their mom and 50% their dad. So when you speak negatively about a parent, you are speaking negatively about the child– except it’s even worse because they can’t change that thing about them that you’re hating on. They can’t fix it because it’s not literally a problem within them…it’s within their parent and that is out of their control.
  • When Morgan Spurlock came out about his contribution to an unsafe, sexist work environment after the #MeToo movement picked up speed
  • How Alexandra was able to rebuild trust in both female friendships and romantic relationships
  • How Alexandra’s current partner was completely honest with her from date number one because he both respected her and he respected himself.
  • Bob, her husband, was far from perfect on paper but he provided for her many trustable qualities she desired in a future partner. This was a huge step for her healing process and her ability to trust a partner again.
  • Compersion: the opposite of jealousy, finding joy in another person’s joy.
  • Getting to Hell Yes: the book Alexandra and Bob are writing together on the four step process to having a high-stakes emotional conversation (Intention, Concerns, Boundaries, Desires)
  • Must-read book: Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer Album (watch the motion picture here)

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