Do you fear your sensitivity makes you look weak?

Are you ashamed of your innate nature to be soft?

Do you spend most of your time trying to think about how you can stay in control of something, or at least check off all the boxes for the day?

Funnily enough, one of the things I had to do when I was recovering from my eating disorder back in the day was stop scheduling everything. I actually had to withhold my planner from myself so that I was forced to use my intuition more. Scheduling was one of my coping mechanisms: it was a way I receive a false sense of control on a daily basis.

Another thing I had to do was to start feeling my feelings. Sheesh. That wasn’t fun.

I was always trying to be the tough one. The one that had everything together. The one that never acted jealous or sensitive. I thought sensitivity was the very same as weakness.

Because of the fact that I hadn’t accepted the softness and sensitivity within myself, I found partners who had it. I attracted men who were more into their feminine than I was, because I wanted that. And they were attracted to me because I was more into my masculine.

While it almost sounds like that could work out, it didn’t.

It didn’t because since I hadn’t accepted sensitivity as the beautiful gift it is, I looked down on my partners for their softness. I didn’t hold space for it. I projected my beliefs about sensitivity onto them. And vice versa.

It was a beautiful mess. That’s the exact pattern that taught me how to step into my own femininity. My relationships were a catalyst for my self-acceptance. If I hadn’t taken time to ask myself, “Why do I pick the same kind of guys?” I never would have gone down the rabbit hole that eventually led me to discover this sensitivity within myself that I was ignoring.

For that, I’m so grateful to each and every one of my past relationships.

Another reason why allowing myself to step into my sensitivity, femininity and softness was so important is because it helped heal my control issues. When I finally started to work on my perfectionistic tendencies, my anxiety diminished.

All around, my entire life got better.

Today, I live my life with more flow, ease and intuition. I eat intuitively, I feel any given situation out intuitively and I control whatever I’m meant to control, intuitively. Anything not within my control, I give up and let go. It’s really quite freeing.

My focus within my business is to help masculine-minded women (like I was) step into their feminine power. This means, adopt more intuition, wildness and care-free vibes. I help women SEE the beauty in their sensitivity and stop shoving it away. I guide them to stepping into their unique power so that their relationships, food, money and overall lifestyle habits get better and better each day.

Do you dream of living a life of flow? Do you want to be carefree and intuitive like water, even when you feel huffy and proactive like fire? There’s a beautiful balance that needs to take place here, and I’m yearning to teach you how.

If you’re ready to take that next step, join me at the Confidence Revival Retreat at the world-renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

During the dates of May 14 – 18, I will be guiding a handful of women to find their own feminine flow, and as a result, gain confidence in a way they have never experienced before.

One of the things I hear most often hold women back from going on retreats is that they think it has a half-life. You know: you go, you feel “on fire!”, you leave, and then eventually all of the lessons dissipate and you’re back to where you started.

Girlfriend, if that’s what you think then you’ve been attending the wrong retreats.

In this retreat, you will not only be focusing on the present, but you’ll be setting yourself up for a fan-freakin-tastic future. A future where you’ll wake up every morning with your dreams // goals and not automatically assume they are out of your reach. A future where you’ll focus on bigger fish to fry than your body image. A future where you’ll date differently or you’ll improve your marriage steadily.

By stepping into your flow, your feminine, your entire life will change.

What does the Confidence Revival Retreat include?

  • Delicious, intuitive dance classes with teachers from around the world
  • Yoga every day! (if not twice a day!)
  • Nourishing, organic, whole foods for any type of diet (3 meals a day will be provided!)
  • Luscious beds, rooms and bathrooms
  • Spa, fitness and alone time when needed
  • Guided hiking throughout gorgeous Massachusetts
  • Arts, drawing and creative workshops for freeing your mind
  • Workshops on confidence, feminine nature, self-love, vulnerability and fears- get ready to dive deep!
  • Yes, and tons more I won’t be revealing!

I’ve intentionally priced this retreat so that women who don’t have a ton of money lying around can still come. A $250 deposit will hold your spot, and then you have several months to steadily pay off the rest. The total price of the retreat (including the deposit) is $1300 and then you pay for your room separately with Kripalu.

Details for the room fee is on my website HERE.

If you want to attend a retreat, don’t over-think it love. That’s what’s going to lead you away from experiences that truly have the potential to change your life, introduce you to really special friendships and serve as a catalyst for your dreams.

Want to attend? Put down your deposit HERE and you’re in! When I’ve gone on retreats in the past, a gut instinct always guided me to press the “yes!” button and sign up. It’s the best way to go about taking a leap of faith.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I’ll be happy to help see if this would be a good fit for you. I can also get you in touch with a past retreater if you want to know about their experiences.

One of the questions I get most often is, “What’s the age range?” The women that attend my retreats are typically from early 20’s to mid 50’s.

If you’re excited about the potential of coming, but also a little scared, GOOD! Fear is a natural instinct to coming closer to the truth.

Have an awesome Monday! I’m on a plane headed back to America and couldn’t be more excited.

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