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The very ingredient that’s going to create the most erotic friction is the ingredient you swear off.

Differences in relationship have the potential to create deep intimacy, but instead, so many of us are using them as excuses for not opening the heart.

Maybe he always leaves his socks on the floor, she nags, he yells, she holds back, he is boring, she is too much. Perhaps it’s even deeper — he lost her trust or she broke his heart.

What if the very things that drive you into despair are opportunities for more love, more healing, more beauty and more of the Divine? What if God was found not in only a peaceful morning on the porch, but also in a moment of heart-wrenching fear?

In this weekend virtual retreat, you will experience a deep dive into polarity, leadership, responsibility and intimacy.

The Feminine will learn how to reveal her heart’s truth: as raw, messy, dirty and bitter as it may feel. She will learn how to express while also holding her own energy field. She will learn Feminine Leadership, Sovereignty and Embodiment.

The Masculine will learn how to feel, embody and express his own truth without losing integrity or ownership. He will learn to lead the Feminine where she cannot lead herself. He will learn what it means to be a trustable man — with a strong spine and a soft heart.

Whether you are in relationship or single, join us and learn how to create art out of your complaints, magic out of the mundane and love out of the lackluster.

Tickets are $500 per person or $850 per couple if you choose to bring someone. Fill out the information below to receive a link to purchase.



    Words cannot express how glad I am that I decided to invest this time in myself. During the retreat I was able to release things I didn’t even know I was holding onto. Listening to podcasts and reading self development books is awesome, but Maddy’s retreat really took my personal growth to the next level. Hearing the stories of other amazing women and being able to see how much they deserve self love and a sense of worthiness helped me turn that insight inward and discover that I too am worthy. I know that having this group of women in my life to support each other on our journeys from now on is purely divine. I dream of a world where every woman can have this kind of experience.


    I had the great honor and privilege of assisting Madelyn’s Embodied Archetype Retreat in New York City last year. In those three days, I experienced Madelyn and her incredible work beyond just a surface level. The passion and purpose Madelyn brings to her work is a real gift to witness. It is art in motion at the union of body, heart and soul. Madelyn is a masterful guide of masculine and feminine energetics and a living embodiment of this harmonious dance. She is a true queen of emotional alchemy and intelligence. It was with a sense of ease and grace that Madelyn held a tight container of a dozen plus women who showed up to do the work. Throughout the weekend, Madelyn brought her raw, potent archetypal and embodiment practices to the container and took us all deep. She is a powerful Divine Feminine leader, coach and facilitator who will challenge you to your emotional core with intuition, patience and love. I would highly recommend her next Embodied Archetype retreat!


    It’s taken me several weeks to fully understand what happened at the Embodied Archetype. I have to start by saying thank you for the safe container. After marrying into a blended family eight months ago, and gaining a teenage stepson, this year has been really challenging for me. I don’t know of any other place in the world that I could have said the shadow things I needed to say, to move the shadow way I needed to move, and be perfectly held the way I needed to. Thank you Jamie and Madelyn so much. You curated a perfect curriculum for me to express my “evil stepmother”. In exploring this archetype, I met my inner child. My angry inner child. VERY ANGRY. And I let her rage. She screamed the screams of a lifetime. I feel like I let years of my own grief out with those screams. Until now, I was unable to support my stepson from a place of love and compassion because his presence triggered my deep pain so much. By releasing that pain, I feel like I have cleared the energy, made space, for me to move forward and offer him the love he deserves. You have helped me towards deeper healing, therefore, healing my new family. I am so grateful to you, and for this work…such a blessing.


    Maddy’s Feminine Surrender Retreat was nothing short of beautiful and magical. She curated an intimate and personal weekend for our group – from the gorgeous house nestled in the Colorado mountains, to the delicious foods, to the nourishing AcroYoga and mala making workshops. Every detail of the retreat helped create a safe space that supported us in being able to deeply open up to one another as we dove into all that is the divine masculine and feminine. I went into the retreat with the goal of getting more in touch with my feminine side in order to heal some deep wounds. I was unaware of everything else I would gain from the experience. I now have a new support group of sisters all over North America. I have a new understanding of myself, and a drive to continue to get to know myself even more. The experience was truly a gift and I couldn’t be more grateful for having gone.



    The decision to attend Maddy’s first retreat and subsequent decision to enroll in her coaching program have been two of the best decisions of my life. I already know that I will be leaving with the confidence to be who I am in this world and the clarity to do what I value. I have spent years feeling like I needed to stay on the hamster wheel and do more and be more. I never wanted to miss out on anything. The dreaded FOMO! Those things were running my life. No longer. Maddy has given me insights and tools to peer into what it’s like to simply be. Be breathing. Be loving. Be me. And it turns out, I really like that girl.


    Madelyn is such an inspiration in the way she leads women to get uncomfortable and push past their limiting beliefs in order to heal and grow! She gave us a safe space to open our hearts and minds to each other with no judgement or shame. There were a lot of tears, smiles, and laughs over the week that brought us closer together. I left feeling liberated, healed, and free from the chains that have been holding me down for so long! If you have an opportunity to work with Maddy, don’t miss your chance! Realize that you are worth every penny, the best way to self-care is to invest in yourself! You won’t regret it.



    Maddy is available to speak at U.S. and international events. To hire Maddy to speak, click the button below to visit the contact page and submit your request.

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