Episode 115: Today I’m talking about how to know when a relationship isn’t working. What I’m going to cover can be applied to both romantic and platonic relationships, but for the sake of this episode, I’m going to be using romantic relationship verbiage.

I’ve been asked a lot recently about how I knew my previous partnership wasn’t working out, and if I could share some of those insights. Though this episode isn’t specifically about what I felt at the end of that relationship, it’s a compilation of what I’ve learned from many of my past relationships, as well as what I’ve learned from watching others.

I’ll give you 8 ways to know if your current relationship isn’t working out, and some of the warning signs that need some attention. I hope that those of you struggling with a relationship will walk away with more clarity about whether or not it’s right for you.

Remember, relationship exist for a season, a reason and a lifetime. You can learn something from every single relationship you’ve ever had…but you must take time to uncover those lessons so that you gain as much as you possibly can from those weeks, months, or years with that individual.

Show notes:

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  • If you’re struggling with knowing if a relationship is the right one for you, please know you are NOT alone
  • Why you should focus on how you want to FEEL in a relationship instead of what you think the relationship should look like
  • Why being supported as an individual (warts and all) is so crucial for a healthy partnership
  • The importance of connecting intimately and emotionally
  • What it means to settle vs. stay
  • Listen to the episode with dating expert Veronica Grant HERE
  • Why it’s a warning sign when you are no longer wanting to make any compromises
  • Why it’s important to recognize if you’re in a relationship for comfort, or for love
  • Be with a person you enhance, not complete
  • The damage that a lack of support can have on a relationship

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