Episode 58: There’s a lot of confusion about orthorexia, yet it’s an eating disorder that’s rapidly on the rise. It scares me how little most people understand about this disorder, so I’ve created this podcast to bring enlightenment to the topic.

My goal is to make this episode a resource for coaches, clients, parents, friends, family members and people simply interested in learning more about orthorexia. I hope that if you think you might be suffering from orthorexia, this show will bring some relief and comfort, knowing full well that you are not alone, but will also encourage you to seek help from a medical provider, doctor, coach or therapist.

If you’re a parent, I hope that this podcast will help you understand what your child may be going through so that you can speak to them in a way that helps their recovery process.

Without further ado, here are 6 things I want you to know about orthorexia (plus a super cool quiz to know if you are experiencing disordered eating patterns).

What I discuss in today’s show:

  • My MindBodyGreen article I Struggled With Orthorexia Every Day for 7 Years. Here’s What it’s Like.
  • How you can support the podcast by donating $1/episode (click here to see rewards)
  • My Orthorexia Quiz (yes to one or more of these does not mean you officially have orthorexia)
    • Can you eat food without weighing or measuring it first?
    • Do you log all of your food into a calorie counting app because you HAVE to if you want to eat something?
    • Do you get anxiety when somebody else cooks your food?
    • Do you read nutrition articles obsessively?
    • Do you have other obsessive behaviors around your body, such as exercise or ritualistic beauty routines?
    • Do you have guidelines for what’s considered a “real” workout or a “healthy” meal plan?
    • Do you have a meal plan?
    • Do you feel shame and guilt when you get off said meal plan?
    • Do you think about food and possibly exercise all day long?
    • Do you have to earn your food?
    • Are you afraid of relationships because they may distract you from your food?
    • Do you have a good day if you ate good, and a bad day if you ate bad?
    • Do you have a list of good and bad foods?
    • Do you try to make up for unexpected calories by spending more time at the gym?
    • Do you think carbs are better than fat, or vise versa?
    • Do you crave to see food as food instead of a dictator of your mood?
  • 6 things I want you to know about orthorexia…(directly from the article I wrote HERE)
    • It’s about a desire to feel safe
    • It’s not a choice
    • It’s not always visible (you may be admiring somebody’s disorder and further influencing it)
    • Commentary often does more harm than good
    • It doesn’t just go away
    • It often breeds other obsessions
  • Get more insight by clicking here: maddymoon.com/bf

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