Episode 119: Have you been living in a constant space of scarcity? Have you had money, body, career and relationship issues because you believed there was never “enough” of something, or that the quantity was limited? I DID TOO. I used to have such a negative relationship with money, but to be honest, when I started doing the 5 things I include in this podcast everything changed. I tripled my income, I stopped fearing spending money, and I started to understand how made up money really is. Why would I let something that’s made up control my emotions?

In this episode, you’ll learn how to stop living in a space of scarcity and to instead thrive in a place of abundance.

You’ll also learn all about my new membership site, The Freedom Lounge. If you’ve been wanting to work 1:1 with me but couldn’t because of the cost, this is the next best thing. Sign up today!

Show notes:

  • Want 1:1 coaching without the cost? Change your life with The Freedom Lounge HERE
  • Exciting news! Jake Ducey is going to be the first person to be interviewed in The Freedom Lounge
  • A time in my life when I was not living in alignment with myself (living in a place of scarcity)
  • The importance of getting out of the “either/or” mindset and adopting an “and” mindset
  • How meditation has literally changed my life recently
  • Your challenge: create two powerful mantras and write them each 10 times every morning
  • How to create a gratitude practice
  • Why you should read books written by people you look up to
  • The power of list-making (and why you should do it every day)

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