Episode 119: Have you been living in a constant space of scarcity rather than abundance? Have you had money, body, career and relationship issues because you believed there was never “enough” of something, or that the quantity was limited? I DID TOO. I used to have such a negative relationship with money, but to be honest, when I started doing the 5 things I include in this podcast everything changed. I tripled my income, I stopped fearing spending money, and I started to understand how made up money really is. Why would I let something that’s made up control my emotions?

In this episode, you’ll learn how to stop living in a space of scarcity and to instead thrive in a place of abundance.

Show notes:

  • Want 1:1 coaching without the cost? Change your life with The Freedom Lounge HERE
  • Exciting news! Jake Ducey is going to be the first person to be interviewed in The Freedom Lounge
  • A time in my life when I was not living in alignment with myself (living in a place of scarcity rather than abundance)
  • The importance of getting out of the “either/or” mindset and adopting an “and” mindset
  • How meditation has literally changed my life recently
  • Your challenge: create two powerful mantras and write them each 10 times every morning
  • How to create a gratitude practice
  • Why you should read books written by people you look up to
  • The power of list-making (and why you should do it every day)

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