Ever find yourself totally up in a tizzy, going, moving, and doing so much that you find your head spinning? Especially around this time of the year, there is a lot of movement and activity to be done and it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement.

I have seasons where I am a huge ball of blazing, unstoppable energy. I freaking LOVE when I’m in this type of zone (I’m in one right now). But in the midst of these seasons, I know I need particular days of rest so that I can recover, recharge and re-organize my goals and to-dos.

Then, there are entire seasons where I do nothing but rest. This is typically during the end of the calendar year when holidays pick back up and my energy needs an entire reset.

Since most of us are out of the hibernation mode and getting into the swing of 2017, it’s more important now than ever to learn when to say no to opportunities and to instead say yes to rest and self-care.

In this video I’m going to give you 5 magical tips to go from GO GO GO to flow. If you’re ready for more intuition and a little less structure, this is the video for you.

1. Schedule “nothing” time

Do you find yourself without a moment to spare? That’s because you haven’t scheduled one in. You schedule your workouts, you schedule your meetings, you schedule parties- so why not schedule down time? I invite you to schedule at least 3 hours of “nothing” time each week for the next several months. Go into your calendar and block out three random hours each week, and when that hour comes you can you ask yourself, “What do I feel like doing?” This will force your intuition to come into play instead of using only logic or what you think would be the most productive thing to do.

2. Pursue “pointless” activities

Some of the things that have brought me the most pleasure in life are things that may appear “pointless” to the naked eye. These are things that don’t bring in any money, new clients or tangible results, but bring me joy. I also believe that when you learn about things outside of your direct realm of expertise, you expand your knowledge. It’s easier for you to remember new facts and tricks when you train your brain to learn about unexpected things. Some places I suggest you start include learning a new language, picking up a fiction book, going to a cooking class, learning how to play an instrument, taking a singing class or going to improv once per week.

3. Use the sacred NO

When you realize you’re itching for a reset, I invite you to use the all powerful “no.” While the no may not get as much action in the spring and summer as it does in the winter and fall when most people are hibernating after an intense year, it’s important not to forget about it. Remember that every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. When you say yes to do something that’s going to deplete your energy even more, you’re saying no to something that could reset your energy. When you need more flow, give yourself the gift of space. Use the sacred no. No one is going to forget about you, don’t you worry your pretty face.

4. Create a mantra that reminds you to flow

Get creative with this one! Mantras serve as great reminders of what you need more of in your life, so spend a few minutes coming up with a short mantra that will serve as your rock in times of hustle bustle. This mantra can go on a sticky note on your mirror, or it can serve as an excellent reminder on your phone as an alarm. I have mantras that pop up on my phone every day that relate to whatever I’m working on at the time. If you want to work on more intuition, set an alarm that asks you, “What is your intuition telling you today?” and take the necessary time out of your day to actually ponder it.

5. Do a type of movement that incorporates flow

This one is super important. In my opinion, when you go to an exercise class that’s super intense, high-energy and structured, you can get some obvious benefits but you also might walk away from it carrying that same type of energy. If you need more flow in your life, find types of activity that encourage flow, creativity and beauty. A great place to start is dance or yoga. Both of these are based on intuitive movement. That doesn’t mean you can no longer go to your swimming classes or CrossFit WODs but I invite you to ask yourself how your choice of exercise is affecting you outside of the class. Is the energy carrying over into other times of your day? If yes, is it the type of energy you want to have throughout the day?

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