‘5 Gods to Channel for Strong Boundaries, Integrity and Honor’ was written for MaddyMoon.com from a guest writer.

Connecting with these powerful figures of the divine masculine can help create safe containers for our deepest feelings. Call upon these gods in your meditations, embodiment practices, journaling, and daily life to speak and act from a place of integrity, honor, and integration. 


Often referred to as the “Father of Gods and Men,” you may have heard of this famous Greek god before. Zeus sits regally upon a golden throne on top of Mount Olympus, and is often depicted with a bolt of lightning in his hand. Because of his power, Zeus had many responsibilities: he was the patron of hospitality, the keeper of Oaths, the god of crops and harvest, and the god who watched over business, among many other duties. According to the Ancient Greek poet Hesiod, Zeus was carefree and loved to laugh out loud. He was wise, fair, just, merciful, and prudent. But Zeus was also unpredictable; nobody was able to guess the decisions he would make, because he belonged completely to himself. He fell in love easily (known for his many affairs) and was quick to anger.

So how can we channel this complex, powerful figure? Like Zeus, most of us have many roles to manage. Like Zeus, we may be quick to fall in love. No matter the amount of jobs Zeus has, and no matter what is going on in his relationships, Zeus leads from a place of center and sovereignty. To channel Zeus, we can visualize ourselves on a mountaintop, a bolt of lightning in our hands, surveying the territory of our lives and deciding what to do next. 


Ra was the Ancient Egpytian King of the Gods, the sun god and creator of all. Many Egyptian tombs depict Ra’s travel through the Underworld in twelve “hours” or stages. Even though Ra was seen as “the dazzling sun,” it’s important to remember that according to the Pyramid Texts, he came from the waters of Nun, emerging from the female form as a stone. The Eye of Ra is also a feminine counterpart to Ra, who defends him and subdues enemies but also acts as a mother, sibling, and daughter.

We can connect to Ra by spending time in the sun and by making time to watch the sunrise or sunset when we are able. Experiencing the liminal space between night and day is a way to remember our own cycles, just like Ra, who traveled through stages. When we lift our face up to the sky and feel those warm rays, we can reflect on our relationship with time. Those structured hours and to-do lists are in service of what burns powerful and bright. We might also look to Ra as a reminder that the divine masculine cannot exist without being in right relationship with the divine feminine. 


Hanuman Ji is a Hindu God, the monkey commander of the monkey army, and a main character in the Indian epic poem Ramayana. Hanuman is extremely strong and capable of lifting heavy burdens. According to writer Phillip Lutgendorf, Ramayana tells of an epic battle that occurs between good and evil, where an important god’s brother is wounded: “He can only be healed and his death prevented by a herb found in a particular Himalayan mountain. Hanuman leaps and finds the mountain. There, states Ramayana, Hanuman finds the mountain is full of many herbs. He doesn’t know which one to take. So, he lifts the entire Himalayan mountain and carries it across India.” Hanuman constantly faces obstacles, but is innovative in his strategy when solving them– he has the ability to shape-shift and shrink. Hanuman never loses sight of his playfulness (which sometimes borders on mischief) while also being devoted, assertive, and intelligent. 

We can call upon Hanuman when problem-solving or faced with obstacles. Hanuman reminds us of our strength when facing challenges, and reminds us we can find ways around them while remaining filled with play and light. 


Thor was a major god in Norse mythology (in Old Norse, known as Þórr). He is an honorable, loyal, and courageous warrior, and the defender of the gods’ fortress. He wears a belt of immeasurable strength and carries a giant hammer at all times. For Scandanavians, thunder was the embodiment of Thor, and lightning was a manifestation of Thor slaying his enemies. Like many gods, Thor contained contradictions: he was called upon for holy comfort and blessing, even to consecrate weddings. However, his hammer could also destroy. 

Thor is a god to turn to when honoring boundaries. After all, Thor was three-quarters Giant and a vigilant protector of the cosmos against chaos. Often our greatest creations come from within a safe space. Thor was not afraid to strike his hammer when necessary. He was a fierce warrior but also a symbol of agriculture and fertility—under his guardianship, the crops were able to bloom. 

The noise of thunder and the flash of lightning brings rain, necessary for growth. Call upon Thor when you need to say no to someone in order to preserve your creative growth.


Tlaloc is the Aztec god of rain and fertility, and one of the most prominent gods in Mesoamerica. He was thought to live on a mountaintop, far above the clouds, sending rains to the people below. He governed agriculture, fertility, and The Third Sun (otherwise known as our world of water). In ancient depictions, Tlaloc has large, wide eyes; sharp fangs; and a nose made of serpents. He holds a sharp stick, representative of thunder and lightning. Tlalocan, the Region of Tlaloc in Aztec heaven, was a place of abundance.

Tlaloc is, like many of these gods, a fierce figure, but from his fierceness and fangs comes the rain and growth. Tlaloc is a god to call upon when needing nourishment during periods of intensity. We can connect with Tlaloc when attending to our gardens or dancing in the rain.

As you may have noticed, many of these gods are associated with rain, thunder, and the sun. These are symbols in the natural world of strength, protection, and creation. When we channel the gods, we can be reminded of our ability to create boundaries and containers. In doing so, we can create, connect, and grow with more ease.

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